Quickstart guide

Environment setup

Set everything up to start developing and running your software robots.

1. Sign up for Robocloud

Robocloud provides centralized orchestration of software robots (what to run, where, and when) in selected environments in a highly secure and scalable way. Visit Robocloud to sign up for a new account:

Robocloud signup

If you sign up using the Sign up with Google button, you do not need to verify your email. If you sign up by providing an email address and a password, you need to verify your email address by clicking on a confirmation link that will be sent to you via email.

During your first login, you will be asked for some additional details, and when your signup is complete, you will get to this welcome screen:

Robocloud welcome screen

2. Download and install Robocode Lab

Robocode Lab is our IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for creating software robots. Everything you need to get started comes packaged in a convenient installer. Download the latest version of Robocode Lab for your operating system and install it.

If needed, you can get more information about the installation process on the Installing Robocode Lab page here on Robohub.

Open Robocode Lab, you will see a welcome screen. Click on the Link with Robocloud button:

Robocode Lab Activate in Robocloud section welcome screen

You will see a popup window:

Robocode Lab Activate in Robocloud popup

Enter your Robocloud credentials and click on Log in. The popup window will close, and after a brief delay you will see that your Robocode Lab is now successfully linked to Robocloud. Clicking on your user name opens a dropdown menu that allows you to go to Robocloud, or to switch to a different account.

Robocode Lab Activate in Robocloud activated

Great! You are all ready to go, off to the next part! 🙂